Method for determination of the social graph orientation by the analysis of the vertices valence in the connectivity component

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The work is the continuation of the authors' work on the simulation of the structure of the society by the method of random graphs generation. In their previous works, the authors experimentally proved that the social graph has a strict orientation of the information direction propagation from the shares of the graph with high bonds density to the graph parts having a lower bond density. The authors proposed a method for determining the orientation of the social graph by investigating the ratio of the number of outgoing links to the incoming ones. This method found its application in the analysis of postal mailing, but it turned out to be practically inapplicable in the analysis of social networks, since the counting of incoming and outgoing communications required the compilation of the announced social graphs which was a time-consuming and computational resources task that does not have a solution for polynomial time at present. Since the issue of the social networks analysis is not only of a strictly scientific, but also of a practical interest, the authors developed and tested a technique for determining the orientation of social graphs by the method of analyzing the numerical characteristics of a graph. The new method does not require a detailed analysis of the correspondence of users of social networks, but operates with open user information that is a list of friends (Friend List). The ultimate goal of this work is to develop simple and effective methods for analyzing social networks to identify “opinion leaders”, ways of disseminating information, including propagandizing deviant and dependent forms of behavior, identifying anti-systems and separate closed network communities, and general monitoring of the state of social systems.


Social graph, random graphs, numerical characteristics of graphs, social graph orientation

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IDR: 147158957   |   DOI: 10.14529/mmph170401

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