Place of N. S. Khrushchev on the podium of soviet leaders

Автор: D. S. Tocheniy, N. G. Tochenaya

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Who would dare to put on the same plank the gigantic statues of Lenin and Stalin (of which there were plenty) and the modest few busts of Khrushchev? The person who held the post of First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee in 1953—1964 in the USSR, according to the famous historians Roy and Zhores Medvedev, can in no way be classified as a charismatic person. The majority of Russians are of the same opinion. They are convinced that Nikita Sergeevich is a party leader of average ability, a limited mind and education, famous for scandalous behavior in the UN and stupid unsuccessful attempts to plant corn in the northern regions of the country. Explaining the deep reasons for making such a disrespectful assessment, D. A. Volkogonov fairly notes: “Lenin and Stalin not only possessed the power of dictators, but in the eyes of the people were real leaders — marshals. Apart from unlimited power, they had something irrational, mystical, revolutionary-classical... After the gloomy giants who had false names of Lenin and Stalin, Khrushchev turned out to be a kind of lightweight, insufficiently orthodox leader for society." For decades, a powerful ideological apparatus glorified individual real, but mostly extraordinary talents of Vladimir Ilyich and Joseph Vissarionovich. They were portrayed as magicians — the builders of a paradise society in the USSR. However, completely unreasonable. We have no doubt that Nikita Sergeevich surpassed them substantially: he brought more benefits to society and the country than his "genius" predecessors. So, maybe his place is at the top of the honor?


Charismatic personality, plenum of the CPSU Central Committee, personality cult, A. Solzhenitsyn, A. Vert, tyrant, execution, Yu. Gagarin, virgin lands, voting, humane legal foundations, anti-Semitism, pension

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