Mathematical modeling of some features of gas hydrates dissociation

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In the modern oil and gas industry, specialists often have to solve multifaceted problems associated with processes of dissociation of technogenic and natural gas hydrates. Known methods of calculation and dissociation studies mainly describe this process with the supply to heat hydrate. However, when using the method of pressure reduction for dissociation, hydrate metastability states are manifested - self-preservation and conservation effects, discovered by Russian and foreign researchers. Available in the literature descriptions of the effects of metastability were obtained as a result of experiments with hydrates from one-component gases and for specific thermobaric conditions. The existing dependencies for some hydrate systems do not apply to others, so that their direct application in solving practical problems, for example, with the extraction of natural gas or the elimination of man-made hydrates in a wide range of thermobaric conditions, is difficult. Therefore, the creation of a method for calculating the main parameters of the dissociation of hydrates from multicomponent gases is relevant...


Gas, hydrates, dissociation of hydrates, isobaric heat supply, isothermal pressure decrease, dissociation features, hydrate parameters

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IDR: 140238584   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-313-322

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