Dessert butter

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Butter is a leading consumer choice. This is facilitated by its attractive composition and taste, good digestibility, as well as compatibility with almost all food products. However, butter is not recommended by nutritionists for older people due to its high calorie content, increased mass fraction of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. Some of the consumers of the young and middle generation are almost completely abandoning butter, preferring low-fat products. The diet of a person adhering to a healthy diet should include foods enriched with functional ingredients. The paper proposes a technology for producing butter with barberry berries. Fruits contain carbohydrates, pectin substances, organic acids, macro- and microelements, vitamins, etc. For the production of butter with barberry berries, a method of converting high-fat cream has been chosen. The oil has a high degree of dispersion of moisture and a low content of the gas phase, is less susceptible to bacterial contamination in comparison with the analogue produced by the churning method. The resulting butter can be attributed to the "Dessert" group. Dessert butter was obtained as follows. Dairy and non-dairy raw materials were accepted, their quality was assessed, milk was separated, and the resulting cream was pasteurized. Then, high-fat cream was obtained by secondary separation, and their normalization was carried out. A feature of the production of butter Dessert is the introduction of flavoring components into the normalized mixture - puree from barberry berries and granulated sugar according to the recipe. Further, the normalized mixture was converted into oil and directed to thermostatting. Organoleptic, physicochemical and microbiological indicators of the quality of Dessertnoye butter have been studied. The addition of barberry berries to butter contributes to the enrichment of its composition with vitamins and a decrease in calorie content. The economic efficiency and feasibility of the production of Dessert butter consists in saving the raw milk used by replacing the fatty part with vegetable components.


Butter, flavoring components, technology, barberry berries, organoleptic characteristics

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IDR: 140261135   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-2-148-153

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