The liturgical theology in priest Pavel Florensky’s lectures on the “Philosophy of the cult”: the main features and sources

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The article analyzes the main aspects of the priest Pavel Florensky’s lectures on the “Philosophy of Cult”. Florensky defined this aspect as “liturgical theology”. According to Florensky, such theology did not exist in the Orthodox Church in the early twentieth century. The evidence of the influence of S. N. Trubetskoy’s and Vyacheslav Ivanov’s concepts on Florensky’s views about Christian worship and Church sacraments s provided. The conclusion is that the main source for Florensky’s theology of Church sacraments and the sacrament of the Eucharist are the Vyacheslav Ivanov’s works that are devoted to the ancient religion and mysteries of Dionysus.


Philosophy of worship, liturgical theology, religion of Dionysus, myth, mystery, titans, essence, hypostasis, God, man

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IDR: 140240252   |   DOI: 10.24411/2588-0276-2019-10004

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