Legends of Klinskiy municipal district as intangible tourist resources of the destination

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Legends, being the result of collective creative activity of local residents of certain areas in the theory and practice of international tourism have received their well-deserved recognition as intangible tourist resources. From a marketing point of view, the legend is a highly effective tool to increase tourist interest for sites of destinations. Currently creation of legends can be considered one of the most promising and popular areas of content marketing in tourism, which al- lows not only to induce a primary tourist interest in the destination, but also to get an emotional response from the tourist consumption of services in destination that creates long-term loyalty and increases the likelihood of repeat visits. Thus, the legend is also a tool of the diversity of impressions in tourist tourist-excursion programs. Despite the importance of folk legends and creation of legends in the development and competitiveness of destinations, these elements are rarely used in the formation of thematic tourist routes and the development of conceptual forms of tourism in the Moscow region. The article presents the results of a content analysis of the contents of legends in Klinskiy municipal district related to the origin of settlements, historical facts, entertaining events, etc. Special attention is given to glass craft legends associated with Klin and its surroundings. As scientific and practical recommendations in the article indicated are possible directions for use of folk legends and creation of legends in a complex tourism product promotion in Klinkiy municipal district.


Legend, creation of legends, folk crafts, glass craft, memory products, souvenirs, destination

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IDR: 140206391   |   DOI: 10.12737/11395

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