Treatment of patients with chronic osteomyelitis of long tubular bones based on using reinforcing local antibacterial carrier

Автор: Erofeev S.A., Dziuba G.G., Odarchenko D.I.

Журнал: Гений ортопедии @geniy-ortopedii

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Статья в выпуске: 4, 2013 года.

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Purpose. To study epidemiology of chronic osteomyelitic processes by the Omsk Region exemplifying, to substantiate the effectiveness of the proposed organ-saving surgical treatment on the basis of using reinforcing local extended carrier. Materials and Methods. The case histories of 178 adult patients with different etiologic forms of chronic osteomyelitis of long tubular bones analyzed. The spectrum of pathogenic microflora studied, the details of the disease process demonstrated for each etiologic group. The variants of traditional treatment presented depending on the degree of bone structure involvement and the pyogenic process prevalence, a new algorithm of organ-saving surgical treatment proposed on the basis of using reinforcing local extended antibacterial carrier. Results. While analyzing the long-term functional results of treatment the use of the proposed new technology of surgical treatment of patients with osteomyelitis revealed to result in complete relief of the disease symptoms in 67.2 % of cases, in solution of orthopedic problems and, as a consequence, in significant improvement of patients’ quality of life and social adaptation. Conclusion. The use of local antibacterial carriers in combination with surgical treatment of patients with osteomyelitis one-third increases the number of good long-term functional results in comparison with traditional treatment variants, and in this case unsatisfactory results almost six-fold decrease, thereby evidencing the effectiveness and promises of the developed trend.


Osteomyelitis, posttraumatic, hematogenous, postoperative, pathogenic microflora, necrosequestrectomy, plasty, muscle flap, autograft, allograft, reinforced cement implant, gentamicin, osteosynthesis, internal, intramedullary, extrafocal

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