Language game in modern Russian television media texts: typology and implementation

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The presented article has determined the forms of Language-game usage and its varieties according to the levels of language (phonetic, word-formation, morphological, lexical and syntactical) and has outlined their key expressive functions in modern TV media-texts in order to attract and retain the attention of audience, as well as identified linguistic problems of language game usage in media-texts to prevent the problems of decoding and stereotyping of speech behaviors of the journalists. as a result of the detailed analysis of the given examples the article reveals that contemporary TV journalistic discourse influences the strategies and tactics of self-presentation used by the addressee of TV discourse in the system of mass media and becomes one of the major causes of transformation and change of the linguocultural type of the Russian linguistic and cultural community.


Language game, media text, ntv, attracting attention, technique

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IDR: 148324427   |   DOI: 10.18137/RNU.V925X.22.02.P.117

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