Censers of the suvorovskaya catacomb culture

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This article treats the investigation of censers from the Suvorovskaya catacomb culture, which existed in the north caucasus piedmonts and the upper reaches of the Kuban River in the Middle Bronze Age. A typology is proposed for ritual vessels, based on a scheme proposed generally for similar vessels of catacomb cultures from the Caucasus foothills. The censers of the Suvorovskaya culture show some original features: in addition to the types common to all catacomb cultures (Types I and II) those of Types III, VI, IX and X have also been found in the culture in question, which are less widespread in the period under study Moreover, Type IX has only been recorded within the territory of the Suvorovskaya catacomb culture and therefore must be considered its marker. In this article the main characteristics of the censers on a hollow square base are described and also their context in burials of the Suvorovskaya catacomb culture. Attention is also drawn to their original typology and their difference from censers of the Early catacomb period.


Suvorovskaya catacomb culture, typology, middle bronze age, censers, burial rite

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