Criminological characteristics of female criminal

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Purpose: The article analyses some aspects of the criminological characteristics of the identity of a female criminal on the materials of the Transbaikal region, Irkutsk territory and Buryat Republic. The article considers the socio-demographic, socio-role, moral-psychological and criminal-legal characteristics of women who have committed crimes. The author made the analysis of the statistical data characterizing such elements of social and demographic characteristics of the personality as age, education, marital and financial status. Methodology: Formal legal and historical - legal methods were used in this work. Results: It is noted that in the studied regions mercenary crimes still occupy a leading place in the structure of women’s crime, which causes a number of highlighted features of the criminal’s personality. A steady trend of increasing recidivism of female crime is highlighted, as well as a close relationship with the socially negative phenomena of society - alcoholism and drug addiction. Novelty/originality/value: On the basis of the analysis a profile of a typical female criminal is formulated who the most often commits a crime in the territories of the regions under consideration.


Female criminal identity, regional crime, socio-demographic characteristic, socio-role characteristic, moral-psychological characteristic, criminal-legal characteristics, portrait of a female criminal

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