Structural design and methodology for calculating the process of obtaining creamy-vegetable spreads

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At present, work has been activated to develop and introduce healthy food products, reduce unit costs for the production of fat-and-oil products. In view of the multicomponent nature of many emulsion products and the difference in their aggregate state, there is a need to improve the design of equipment for production. The main indicators of the mixing process are the intensity and efficiency, as well as the energy consumption for the process. In the production of emulsions, the mixing efficiency can be characterized by the size of the forming particles of the dispersed phase, and the intensity - by the time of achieving the process goal - of a homogeneous structure with a multicomponent product, with minimal energy costs. In order to determine the time to achieve the result of the process, a dimensionless concentration can be used as an estimate. The effectiveness of mixing was evaluated by the dispersion of the emulsion. The investigations were carried out on a microscope "Micrometer 3" with an increase of 400 times...


Construction, mixer, emulsifier, spread, stirring

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IDR: 140238571   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-23-29

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