Frame buildings construction using monolithic foamed concrete

Автор: Bronzova Maria Konstantinovna, Vatin Nikolay Ivanovich, Garifullin Marsel Rinatovich

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Рубрика: Строительная механика и строительные конструкции

Статья в выпуске: 1 (28), 2015 года.

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This article describes a new frame buildings construction with the use of light-gauge steel framing and solid-cast foamed concrete. This construction is widely spread abroad and has become an advanced direction of the Russian construction development nowadays. Its application in the low-rise housing construction is aimed to solve the problem of the available and comfortable housing in our country. The basic advantages of the foamed concrete in comparison with the other heat-insulating materials are settled in the article. The detailed descriptions of the building’s design as well as the distinctive features of the erection process are given. The comparative analysis of the new construction with its traditional counterparts is provided.


Frame buildings, solid-cast foamed concrete, insulation, low-rise housing construction, cold formed structures

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