Constitutional principle of the supremacy of international law

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Purpose: To identify the content and dynamics of the development of the principle of «rule of international law» in the Russian Federation and some other countries. Methodology: The following methods were used in the course of the study: system analysis method; method of scientific study of the principle of the rule of international law; methods of structural and functional analysis; theoretical methods (analysis, synthesis, concretization, generalization); empirical, as well as general scientific methods of cognition. Results: In the presented article the author studied theoretical and empirical aspects of the principle of «the rule of international law», the enshrinement of the principle in the 1992 Constitution and the prospects for its application in the light of the annual message of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly in January 2020. Novelty/originality/value: The article is of high scientific value and novelty, as it contains a comparative analysis of the consolidation of this principle not only in Russia, but also in other democratic countries, and also allows to see negative prospects for the development of international relations in the event of the abolition of the principle of «the rule of international law» in the Constitution.


Principle of "rule of international law", sources of law, generally accepted principles and norms of international law

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