The Constitution of Russian Federation: evolution and prospects of development

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Purpose: Consideration of questions of evolution and further prospects of development of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Methodology: Private and scientific methods of knowledge were used: formal-legal, comparative-legal, historical, system analysis and other methods. Results: At the moment, the importance and role of the Constitution and constitutional legislation have increased many times. The stage of formation of the foundations of the constitutional system is completed, further steps are required to form a legal, social, democratic and secular state. To do this, it is necessary to develop and adopt new sectoral laws, especially codified ones, but not only. In this regard, the prospects for the development of the Constitution and constitutional legislation depend on the acts of decision-making: the President’s messages, strategies, doctrines, concepts, plans, forecasts and others. This approach seems to us to be correct in view of the fact that the Constitution implies the development of not only the normative legal basis of the legal system of the state and society, but also the program, strategic, reflecting the political, ideological and ideological essence of the basic law of the country. Constitutional legislation allows for the approval and disclosure of the meaning of the entire Constitution by a certain system of coordinates, meanings and meanings. The Constitution fills the existing law as a whole with a profound meaning. In what directions of development of the Constitution there is or there is no Directive regulation, the author tried to designate. Novelty/originality/value: In article an attempt to carry out a sketch of problems of development of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and to show its prospects is made, the author’s conclusions and generalizations having scientific value contain.


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