Conceptual foundations for the creation of a cluster in the agricultural complex of the region

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The article is devoted to the consideration of topical issues of introducing a cluster approach into the economy of the region. The authors studied the specific features and problems of the development of the agricultural complex in the Bryansk region. It is substantiated that the introduction of the cluster approach contributes to obtaining a synergistic effect from the use of the business competencies of the enterprises that make up the cluster. The system of normative acts of the Bryansk region is considered. Their multidirectional action is noted that does not ensure the acquisition of synergies from the coordinated functioning of technologically interconnected enterprises and market entities. Thus, there is no agreed policy in the sphere of production and processing of agricultural products. The authors believe that the development of methodological support for cluster development is required. It must take into account the interests of all market participants. The goals, tasks and recommendations on the implementation of cluster policy in the agriculture of the Bryansk region are presented. The following directions are singled out: the formation of conditions for stimulating the creation of clusters in agriculture; formation of conditions for the development of agro-industrial clusters in the Bryansk region; the formation of conditions for an objective evaluation of the effectiveness and analysis of the functioning of the cluster. The authors determined the prerequisites for the creation of a regional agro-industrial cluster in the Bryansk region: the availability of commodity markets for cluster products (mainly external, due to the limited capacity of the domestic market); the availability of a resource component for the functioning of the cluster (labor, financial, material, information, etc.); level of complexity for individual enterprises to create large-scale productions without interacting with other enterprises.


Regional economy, regional cluster, cluster approach, agricultural complex of the region

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IDR: 140229868   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-3-261-268

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