A concept of identifying high risk groups of personnel at production facilities with hazardous working conditions

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A concept is based on proposals on identifying high risk groups among the personnel of production facilities with hazardous working conditions and on the harmonization of safety standards in various fields of human activity. A three-link system of social protection and health care for the personnel is proposed. The first link is related to working conditions and high risk groups are formed depending on their overall occupational risk. Preventive and rehabilitation measures are suggested as a complex of social protection measures. The second link includes providing specialized health care, including thorough early diagnosis for the personnel according to the medical indications, identified on the basis of periodic medical examinations. The third link covers the possibility of compensatory payments or other social benefits for sick employees based on detecting a cause-and-effect relationship between working conditions and a diagnosed disease ( an insured event ). For risks which are negligibly smaller compared to the overall risk, it is important to exclude the emotional factor from assessments as such factors can lead to unreasonable decisions. Experience gained in the analysis of the effects caused by radiation can be effectively used to assess and forecast adverse effects of exposure to a wide range of other technogenic factors, which are more important from the point of view of health effects.


Risk group, concept, personnel, hazardous production, social factor

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