“Smart City” concept in Moscow town planning practice

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The subject of the article is to study the impact of major decisions of the smart-technologies united in concept “ smart city ” on the processes of urban planning of the city of Moscow. The purpose of the article is to define a set of key smart-technologies and their impact on the process of urban planning and to show that without proper urban planning decisions the very development of urban smart-technologies, leading to the formation of Smart City, is not possible. Urban planning, with taking into account the modern “ smart ” technologies, especially in the process of urbanization of attached territories of Novomoskovsk and Troitzk administrative districts, will bring Moscow to a number of leading global cities in the world both in terms of the development of science and production, and the level of life and active longevity of population of the town.


Интернет вещей (iot), промышленный интернет вещей (iiot), smart city, smart health, smart urban planning, urban planning of moscow, smart house, digital technologies, internet of things (iot), industrial internet of things (iiot)

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