The concept of resocialization and it's place in the system of uniform right to counter crime

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Purpose: Research of theoretical and practical aspects of the concept of resocialization, determination of the place and meaning of resocialization in the system of unified crime prevention law. Methodology: The method of content analysis, dialectical, system-structural and logical methods were used. Results: The normative legal acts regulating activities related to the re-socialization of convicts have been analyzed, it has been established that victims of crimes also need re-socialization. A conceptual approach to resocialization, as a process and as a result, is determined, the indicators of which are the failure of a person to commit crimes. The concept of legislation on combating crime is proposed. Novelty/originality/value: The scientific novelty of the work lies in the fact that the author considers the category of resocialization in the context of combating crime. Based on the conducted empirical research, proposals are formulated to improve legal regulation in this area.


Resocialization, convicts, functions of criminal law impact, crime prevention

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IDR: 140260123   |   DOI: 10.52068/2304-9839_2021_50_1_64

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