The complex approach to treatment of consequences of stings of snakes with use of homeopathy and the device of reflexotherapy DENS

Автор: Shchezhin V.A., Bouaro Mamadou Yero, Balde Sellu, Konstantinov O.K., Diallo Mohammed, Milimono Edvard

Журнал: Пест-Менеджмент. Pest Management @pest-management

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Статья в выпуске: 2 (102), 2017 года.

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In the specialized clinic of treatment of snake bites in the Kindia town from 300 to 450 victims of snake bites pass through each year. Since 2012 the homeopathy and the device of the reflexotherapy DENS - manufacture of Russia, have been included in the complex treatment of patients baited by venomous snakes. By the given technique it has been treated more then 200 patients with bites of venomous snakes. It has allowed to reduce rehabilitation period in 3-4 times in a comparison with classical methods and to warn heavy complications of snake bites. Efficiency of homeopathy used in the treatment of snake bites was experimentally tested on rabbits as well.


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