Complex estimation system for smokeless nicotine containing products

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Smokeless nicotine containing products are very diverse and offered in flavored tobacco/non tobacco forms, packed in portioned sachets of different mass, dimensions, and colors, with different nicotine content. In RF of chewing tobacco is regulated by Federal law № 268, sucking tobacco (snus) is prohibited for wholesale and retail trade according to FL № 456. Federal law № 303 equates consuming of non tobacco nicotine containing products for chewing and sucking to tobacco consumption. Absence of regulations for nicotine containing products with similar package, but different in composition and physiological effect requires elaboration methods for complex estimation of smokeless products with methods verification in order to their control. Monitoring of studies conducted in various scientific centers on the issue of toxicological assessment of smokeless tobacco / non-tobacco nicotine-containing products has been carried Analysis of consumer’s indicators of smokeless products includes organoleptic testing and measuring nicotine content as toxicity indicator. It is discovered that nicotine content in studied samples varies from 0.3 to 7.6 %. Quantity of absorbed nicotine during cigarette smoking is criterion of sufficient nicotine concentration in smokeless products, extracted through oral mucosa. Base (carrier) for non tobacco products is usually powdered microcrystal cellulose or grinded plant matter (peppermint) of different flavor and color. Structure of smokeless products is defined and their identification features are offered, including extra feature - tobacco presence in product, defined by presence of tobacco specific nitrosamines. As the result of the researches adoption of nicotine content limit of 20 - 30 mg per portion is offered. Complex estimation system for smokeless products is elaborated. It includes: organoleptic testing of consumer’s properties, spectrophotometric method for nicotine content measuring, thermogravimetric determination of the mass fraction of moisture, optical microscopy and luminiscence analysis for defining product structure in order to its identification, gas chromatography for defining humectants and LC-MS for measuring content of tobacco specific nitrosaminescontent.


Non-tobacco nicotine-containing products, chewing tobacco, ingredient composition, recipe, nicotine, bioavailability, tasting assessment, moisture, structure, toxic components, specific nitrosamines, nitrosonornicotine

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IDR: 140257320   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-179-186

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