Complex characteristic of forearm distraction regenerated bone experimentally

Автор: Puseva M.E., Lebedinskii V.Iu., Mikhailov I.N., Seliverstov P.V., Lepekhova S.A.

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Purpose. To study the peculiar properties of regeneration process for distraction osteosynthesis of rabbit forearm bones depending on the local features of their structure using densitometry during MSCT. Materials and Methods. Formation and remodeling of the distraction regenerated bone studied in Chinchilla rabbits. One of rabbit’s forearms 10 mm lengthened by the Ilizarov method. The density of distraction regenerated bone measured with MSCT. Results. The distraction regenerated bone established to go through a series of stages, and its reorganization is not completed by 20 days of fixation with an external fixator. There are initial signs of medullary canal formation in the central interlayer part as evidenced by a significant decrease in its optical density in the center comparing to the anterior and posterior surfaces. Conclusion. Densitometry during MSCT performance is an objective method for bone tissue regeneration assessment.


Experiment, rabbits, forearm bones, osteotomy, lengthening, ilizarov method, distraction regenerated bone, density, structure, densitometry, multispiral computed tomography

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