Collection of Sorbus L. genus in the city of Ufa Botanical Garden

Автор: Abdullina Rimma Galimzaynovna

Журнал: Hortus Botanicus @hortbot

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Collection of rowans (Sorbus L.) of Botanical garden-institute of the Ufa scientific center of RAS (the Bashkir Cis-Urals) contains 42 taxons, including 31 species and 11 grades now. The collection of rowans is replenished generally by plant cultivation from the seeds received from other botanical gardens through the international exchange fund. The heighest species are S. aucuparia, S. × thuringiaca, S. turkestanica introduced in 1940-1960 (7-15 m high and 45 cm in diameter of the shaft). Species of the Caucasian, Chinese and Himalaya origin introduced in 2005-2009 are characterized by small sizes (1,5-2,5 m high). East Asian and North American species of rowans are the most stable: S. amurensis, S. commixta, S. rufoferruginea, S. discolor, S. americana, S. decora.


Sorbus, rosaceae, rowan, plant introduction, winter-hardiness, botanical garden, botanical collections

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