Key areas of staffing at the enterprises of the north-west region

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The human capital of an enterprise is the main resource of every organization, the quality and efficiency of which largely depend on the results of the company's activities and its competitiveness. Labor resources set in motion the material elements of production, create a product, value and surplus product in the form of profit. By investing in staff and creating comfortable conditions for the professional growth of employees, a business entity can count on a greater profit than investing only in solving production tasks. Which is consistent with the objectives of the Regional Staffing Standard and ensures interdepartmental cooperation in the regions on staffing issues of the regional economy, improving the efficiency of these processes, developing human resources for the long term, attracting and retaining human resources, training and retraining of highly qualified personnel in accordance with the international standards and market requirements, allows you to monitor the effectiveness of the implementation of regional personnel policy, systematize modern management practices, mechanisms and tools for staffing. At the same time, it is necessary to have a clear and objective situational picture of the causes of the current conjuncture in the staffing sector. What causes the need to analyze the prerequisites for the directions of development, the motives for the increase in the turnover of human resources, etc. The article analyzes the main reasons for the dismissal of employees of industrial enterprises of the North-Western District, highlights the opportunities provided by the enterprise for the development of human resources.


Personnel potential, staff turnover, industrial enterprise, profit, human resource

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IDR: 140290678   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-4-375-381

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