Mapping of the Solovetsky islands in XVI-XVII centuries

Автор: Bykova Marina

Журнал: Арктика и Север @arcticandnorth

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The history of the geographic descriptions of Solovki closely related with the history of research of the Arctic Region by Russian and foreign seaman. The analysis of 34 ancient maps of the White Sea in XVI−XVII centuries led to the following conclusions. At first we meet the Solovetsky Islands in the map of Muscovy dated by 1537 year, compiled by A. Widom according to the boyar I.V. Lyatsky data. Most of maps of XVI−XVII centuries were made by Western Europe, British and Dutch cartographers. Both own observations of authors and maps of their predecessors and the Russian cartographic sources were used in compilation. But most of them didn't survive. Most cartographers of XVI−XVII centuries like S. Herberstein, C. Munster, W. Borro, P. Bertius, G. Gerritsen, W. Blau, J. Tiriton, etc. denote Solovki in their studies. Solovetsky Islands are marked on 25 of the 34 reviewed maps of XVI−XVII centuries. Solovki on maps of XVI−XVII centuries have different toponyms: «Soloffki», «Solofki», «Solowka Insvla», «Solofka», «Soloffky», «Solffky», «Soulofki», «Solafka», «Senloski». Islands of the group of Solovetsky archipelago are marked only on a few maps. Anser («Angra» − 1614 H. Gerritsen, «Anger» − 1612 I. Massa, 1635 J. Blau, 1660 F. de Wit), Zayatsky («Satska» − 1612 I. Massa, 1635 J. Blau), Muksalma («Muksama» − 1635 J. Blau). Most of maps of XVI−XVII centuries give an incorrect location of Solovki in the White Sea basin.


Old maps of solovki, the initial stage of mapping, history of research

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