Problem of inner competitiveness in the process of additional educational programs introduction at the university

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The system of additional professional education is one of the most topical problems in the strategic planning of the university. Currently, the questions of stimulating attraction to the population, financial state of the university, introduction of the system of long-life learning are connected with additional professional education. In the process of additional professional education programs the administration faces the competitiveness between the university’s offices due to the crossing of thematic fields of professional programs. To overcome the problems, the strategy of monopoly in the regulation of the system of additional education in the frame of the university functioning is offered. There is presented a suggestion to form a number of departments in the Center of additional professional education while realizing the given strategy including the following functions aimed at stimulating the teachers’ work and avoiding the similarities between the professional programs: department of additional professional education (is an owner of the programs); coordinating center (including expert analytical center, financial department); office of programs’ construction and promotion (including the department of programs’ “design”, marketing and advertisement department). When cooperating during the departments’ professional activities the following tasks can be solved: the right to initiate the program, to distribute finances, legislative support, methodological basis, search for clients, development and programs combining, development of requirements to the teachers’ competence, digital assistance with the Bot. The solution of the problems is a way to create the conditions to build the system of additional professional education at the university in the context of themes crossing in professional programs and it results in decreasing the competitiveness between the university’s department.


Professional education, strategic planning, thematic fields, strategy, inner competitiveness

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IDR: 140261151   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-2-243-250

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