On the estimation of bio-mass distribution in an active layer of ocean using the data of sound scattering

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The question on the relationship between sound scattering coefficient and biomass distribution in the sea media is discussed. The basis for consideration of this question is the known equation for sound scattering coefficient which includes both various semiempirical dependences for cross section area of sound scattering by single inclusion and power-series distribution and Gaussian distribution for inclusions on the sizes. Having the data on sound scattering in the sea the system of the equations allows to estimate the important characteristic of biological efficiency of water mass - the mass concentration of inclusions and their total quantity in an interval of the sizes. Comparative estimations of plankton concentration based on the sound scattering data obtained both in round-the-world expedition on a sailing vessel «Nadezhda» in 2003-2004 and in a shelf part of the Sea of Japan are submitted.


Sound scattering, small-scale structure, plankton, an active layer of ocean

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