The main aspects of regulating the import of vegetables to Russia

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The article describes the main aspects of regulating the Import of vegetables to Russia, the statistical data allow to make conclusion about the current state of the import substitution of vegetable products, the examples allow to assess the economic and political situation in Russia and in countries directly related to trade and other relations with Russia. Also partially affected the overall situation of export of vegetable products, perspectives and possible problems in this direction. Presents issues to consider allow closer approach to the solution of the main strategic problems of the country - the full import substitution of Russian product. The problem in this area is impossible to solve. Russian manufacturers that make quality products that do not have sufficient capacity to provide the whole of Russia. In addition, the Russian agricultural sector has a serious dependence on foreign high-tech solutions. Thus, measures of tariff and non-tariff regulation is required to affect the import of vegetables.


Regulation of the import of products, import substitution, imports, statistics of movement of goods

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