To the question of the implementation of the constitutional law on housing in the Russian Federation

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Purpose: To identify features of the implementation of one of the most important subjective constitutional rights related to housing, the right to housing. Methodology: In the research process, comparative legal, formal legal methods were used, as well as analysis and synthesis. Results: Based on the study, the importance of the constitutional right to housing is emphasized. It is substantiated that housing, as an object of civil circulation, is a collective concept in connection with which, when characterizing it, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the living quarters in which citizens constantly reside and which are suitable for living, but also other premises in which they are forced to live due to certain circumstances. The right to housing is key not only from the point of view of its legal regulation in the Russian Federation, but also from the point of its regulation in international acts. Novelty/originality/value: The article is of high scientific value and has practical significance, since the constitutional right to housing affects the interests of each person and is most significant for him. The conclusions contained in the article can be used to improve the current legislation.


Constitution of the russian federation, right to housing, home, residential premises, the inviolability of the home, place of residence, decent standard of living

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