To implementation of the Bologna declaration in Russia

Автор: Shulgaty Leonid Petrovich, Golik Vladimir Ivanovich

Журнал: Научный вестник Южного института менеджмента @vestnik-uim

Рубрика: Трибуна педагога

Статья в выпуске: 2 (14), 2016 года.

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Relevance of the real research is caused by the fact that accession of Russia to the countries of the Bologna declaration was found by a number of her shortcomings. The analysis of the positioned advantages of the declaration and results their not the confirmations in educational system which have led to decrease in level of training of the let-out experts of the top skills is provided in article. The conclusion is drawn that implementation of the declaration not only doesn't promote improvement of a condition of the higher education, but also discredits the existing earlier high quality of the higher education in Russia..

Bologna declaration, educational system, preparation level, experts, qualification, higher school, quality of education

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