Evolution of the rendering services system for support of small business at a municipal level

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The modern economic theory, and also the realized state economic policy attach to small business special and multidimensional significance. Thus for fuller and fast disclosure of high potential of small business purposeful application of special measures for support of this sector of economy, which are being carried out by the state at the different levels seniority is almost justified. Such theoretical ideas and also based on them practical approach gained universal acceptance and currency. Russia didn't become an exception, because here in the 1990th years under the conditions of economic reforms expansion and formation of sector of small business the state development of system for its support was started. The question of further development of small business exists in Russia at all levels today - federal, regional and municipal. The possibility of acceleration of economy modernization in Russia, its transfer to an innovative way of development, is looked through in its decision. The infrastructure for support of small and medium business entities includes commercial and non-profit organizations, which are created, carry out the activity or being involved as providers with the purpose of placing orders for supplies of goods, the performance of work and the rendering of services for state and municipal requirements within implementation of federal, regional or municipal programs of development of small and medium business entities, which ensure the conditions for creation of small and medium business entities.


Small business, service, business activity, local government, state support

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