Energy efficiency of building envelopes for public buildings

Автор: Kiryudcheva Anastasia Evgenievna, Shishkina Victoria Victorovna, Nemova Darya Victorovna

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Статья в выпуске: 5 (44), 2016 года.

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One of the simplest and best ways to save energy in the construction industry is the reduction of heat loss through the building envelope of buildings and structures. The theme of energy efficiency is becoming more and more popular, many scientific articles are published, however the purpose of this article is to identify the most energy-efficient building envelope in public building. To do this, two types of designs were chosen: the usual multi-layered facade and hinged ventilated facade with the same thickness of insulation layer. This article consists of three main parts: first of all, the best and most used envelope constructions for public buildings have been chosen; Then the Thermal calculation of structures have been made; finally the facades were compared from economical point of view, which have shown that the the total cost of materials and installation for the facade of a multi-layer is less than for ventilated facades, but the difference is small, so in the result it is recommended to use the ventilated facade.


Energy efficiency, building envelop, hinged ventilated facade, thermotechnical calculation, energy saving

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