Export activities of the salt syndicate in China and Japan, 1924-1926

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In October 1924 Far-Eastern representative office of the Salt Syndicate, which provided salt to Soviet people and industry, was opened in Vladivostok. Under the government policy to reduce the dependence of the economy on imports, the Syndicate sought to increase the export of its products abroad. The paper examines the activities of the Salt Syndicate to promote Soviet salt in the markets of China and Japan in the mid-1920s. The author focuses attention on the circumstances of negotiations with Japanese fishery firms, the mechanism of interaction of the syndicate’s commissioners with Soviet trade organizations and the prospects of Soviet salt sales in China and Japan.


Soviet far east, japan, china, export, salt, salt syndicate

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IDR: 170175966   |   DOI: 10.24866/1997-2857/2020-4/63-72

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