Exergy analysis of production line candied fruit

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The task of exergy analysis - evaluation based on the second law of thermodynamics, thermodynamic degree of technical perfection of the whole system, as well as to identify those stages of a technical process, which contains the bulk of the loss of exergy in order to improve its efficiency. Using exergy analysis allows to solve a wide range of technical problems on the basis of a unified thermodynamic methods. Exergy analysis was performed by the method whereby thermotechnological system candied fruit production, conventionally separated from the environment of the closed control surface. Exchange scheme under consideration thermotechnological candied fruit production material, thermal and energy flows to the environment, as well as between the control surfaces. Exergy in external input material streams: air and water and citric acid, as well as output streams without having increment Shih-exergy in the process of passing through the reference surface - of running air-water and after washing, are in thermodynamic equilibrium with the surroundings is zero. In the total number of internal exergy losses include losses from the final result of the temperature difference in the heat exchange between the raw material to be dried and heated air electromechanical arising from irreversible alteration of structural and mechanical properties of the product, and the hydraulic loss due to the sudden increase of the specific volume of air as it enters the working chamber dryer. The resulting exergy efficiency is 8.87 %, which is 3.7 % higher than when using the technology of the prototype based on solar air-dried product. This indicates an increase in the degree of perfection of the thermodynamic system by using microwave heating of the product in combination with the removal of moisture in the atmosphere low temperature coolant, which precludes significant outside exergy loss on drying step.


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