Economic-mathematical substantiation of optimizing the use of technical means, to perform tasks in conditions of uncertainty

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In this article a variant of the economic-mathematical substantiation of optimization approaches choice of tools for the survey of airfields, the mechanism of the use of multiple statistical criteria for optimality and usefulness of the decisions taken in this matter, when operating in conditions of uncertainty. Lately in the modern world in many socio-economic areas of human life quite often there are thematic challenges of managerial decision-making in a conflict environment and competition, when several in the General case, reasonable working actors perform collective decision-making, and the benefits of each depends not only on the chosen business strategies, but also from management decisions of other partners and the success of the experiments. Therefore, it is necessary to develop and substantiation of optimum variants of decision of choice of forces and means to perform tasks in conditions of uncertainty, that is also acceptable for military units. The actual problem currently is to optimize system control engineering-airfield security, the components of which perform their tasks under conditions of uncertainty. Analysis of opportunities of technical means (unmanned aerial vehicles) shows that under the condition of equipping them with the appropriate equipment can be considered about the possibility of their use as part of a complex of technical means for inspection of airfields after the who enemy action in the runway. Therefore, the scientific goal in this article is to examine the possibilities of using technical means for inspection of airfield engineering and airfield services, and the aim of the study is using mathematical methods to justify the choice of the most effective means, from the point of view of economic cost of its introduction and use when performing tasks in conditions of uncertainty.


Conditions of uncertainty, mathematical methods, unmanned aerial vehicles, engenieer-airfield service of the decision theory, statistical criteria for effective decisions

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IDR: 140229864   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-3-232-237

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