Economic aspects of the security service in civil aviation

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Ensuring an effective security service in transport systems is an urgent task of the current decade of the XXI century. The problems of transport security have never lost their relevance, and, at present, have acquired a primary status... Air transport safety monitoring has been a priority area of scientific research for decades, including satellite technologies, remote automatic vehicle control systems in crisis situations. In order to ensure the safety of individual civil aviation facilities, anti-terrorist inspection equipment and intelligent systems for protecting the perimeter of airport flight fields are used. According to the author, the main aspect affecting safety in civil aviation is the human factor. Professional training of personnel of aviation enterprises, staffing, loading of airports-all these factors undoubtedly affect the safety of flights. The state of airports, infrastructure, food at the airport and on the aircraft, the cost of basic and additional services, awareness and comfort of passengers. Hence the quality of air transport services. In addition to the social aspect, the problem of air transport safety has many economic aspects related to the issues of ownership of ships, their operation, the technical condition of airports and infrastructure, and the elimination of the consequences of accidents. The relevance of the topic raised is undeniable, this article attempts to analyze the main problems of safety in civil air transport and offers a number of recommendations, including economic ones, to reduce the severity of problems of safety in the operation of air transport, which have a direct impact on the development of the service sector.


Eco nomy, service, tran sport, civil aviation, pandemic

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IDR: 140261086   |   DOI: 10.24412/1995-042X-2021-4-211-220

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