Ecological peculiarities of periphyton and zoobenthos of freshwater ecosystems of the Khibiny massif (the Kola peninsula)

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Freshwater ecosystems of the Khibiny massif have been investigated. The differences in species composition and community structure of zoobenthos and algae periphyton have been revealed depending on the hydrological and geochemical factors as well as the level of anthropogenic impact. The apatite industries waste waters effects on aquatic ecosystems have been analyzed using the "basin approach"; the main factors of the aquatic organisms function in different parts of a particular watershed depending on the type of terrain, the structure of river valleys, vegetation and soil, as well as hydrological and geochemical features have been determined. The ways of transformation of species composition, abundance and taxonomic diversity of aquatic organisms in places of receipt of the apatite mines waters, sewage treatment plants, and flowing wells have been discussed.


The khibiny massif, periphyton algae, zoobenthos, anthropogenic impact, apatite industries waste

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IDR: 14294878   |   DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2016-1/2-165-175

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