Effective practices of support and stimulation of rural tourism development: regional level

Автор: Trukhachev Aleksander

Журнал: Сервис в России и за рубежом @service-rusjournal

Рубрика: Региональный туризм

Статья в выпуске: 5 (61), 2015 года.

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Analysis of rural tourism management practices in Russia shows that at the regional level is implemented more active and often productive stimulating policy of rural tourism development. Generalization of regional experience of stimulation and support of rural tourism allows identifying the most effective practices and advanced experience. The article presents the main results of conducted by the author the total survey of legal and regulatory framework of the Russian Federation, related to the development of rural tourism. In particular, the typology of measures aimed at the rural tourism development is proposed. Author justifies the usage of direct (address) or indirect (mediated) nature of the measures applied as signs of the typology. Financial and fiscal instruments, public-private partnerships, as well as measures of information and consulting support are ranked as the measures of direct effect. In the group of indirect measures are included advocacy, marketing measures and action to control and monitoring of rural tourism development. Author proves that for supporting rural tourism the indirect measures are the most commonly used. It is caused by aspiration of regional tourism authorities to universalize the regulation of various types of tourism. The author proves that this practice should be regarded as limited, as it does not take into account the specifics of rural tourism and the conditions of its development. Public-private partnership is used less frequently. It is associated with the established practice of the support of tourism investment projects, development of the cluster approach in tourism.


Support, stimulation, rural tourism, regional level

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