Efficiency of low quality beet processing

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The quality of sugar beet processed determines the final results of the production activity of the sugar plant in many ways - the white sugar yield, its quality, the plant coefficient. The problems of beet quality are due to many reasons, which are specific for the conditions of Russia. The result of complex influence of unfavorable factors are increased sucrose losses and beet weight with the accumulation in it of a significant amount of harmful nonsugars: mainly reducing substances, soluble nitrogen compounds and pectin substances, high-molecular compounds. To achieve high filtration rates of industrial sugar solutions after their carbonization, along with the high adsorption effect of removing the decomposition products of nonsugars, the determining factor is the obtaining of the optimal structure of calcium carbonate particles, the basis of the filteration sludge. We have shown the advisability of a controlled process for the formation of calcium carbonate sludge in the first carbonization process by introducing particles of a specially prepared filter perlite into the juice to be purified...


Sugar production, sugar beet, quality indicators, filtroperlite

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IDR: 140238566   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-206-210

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