The efficiency of use of feed synbiotic supplement the open prostor resources of the rabbit

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The use of probiotic additives in the livestock industry, including rabbit breeding, contributes to the normalization of the microbiocenosis of the animal body, as well as their resistance to pathogenic microflora, which ultimately affects the increase in meat productivity and meat quality. The influence of probiotic additive "Prostor" on the productivity, chemical composition and biological value of rabbit meat was studied. The influence of probiotic - sorbent complexes on the number of rabbits (males) of the hybrid form "Hiplus" of the French selection at the age of 45 days in the conditions of the industrial complex of LLC "Lipetsk rabbit" of the Khlevensky district of the Lipetsk region, which were divided into control and experimental groups by the method of pairs-analogues, was studied. The control group of rabbits received the main diet, consisting of feed PZK-90, rabbits 1 experimental group received feed PZK-92-60-18, which was introduced synbiotic " Prostor " in a dosage of 0...


Synbiotic preparation, rabbits, meat productivity, biological value, meat quality

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IDR: 140246420   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2019-3-50-56

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