"Self-concept" as a factor of cadets’ self-actualization and professional formation at the educational organizations of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

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Introduction. In the system of higher education psychological-pedagogical means of learning and upbringing for formation of necessary competences are getting more and more required. Such an approach is connected with both the demand of the modern society to comprehensively use the individual potential and personal demand for self-realization in various spheres of life activity. Under globalization of the world problems the process of professional development and self-actualization of law enforcers, law enforcement officers of the Russian Federation among them, is especially important. The purpose is to consider and analyze the process of cadets’ personal development and reveal the pedagogical potential of “self-concept” as a factor of self-realization which facilitates manifestation and development of the cadets’ individual abilities necessary for forming significant competences and professional development of their personality. Materials and Methods. The diagnostic toolkit included a set of “Who am I?” psychodiagnostical methods and “Samoal” self-actualization test. The author also employed pedagogical observation, questioning and tests. The respondents were 129 cadets of the East-Siberian Institute of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Results and Discussion. Cadets possess abilities for self-cognition, self-development, formation of adequate “self-concept” and self-actualization on the level corresponding to their abilities. Conclusions. The process of self-cognition, self-development, realization of “self-concept” and theory of self-actualization within cadets’ professional training at the educational organizations of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs have a great pedagogical potential and can assist in developing of cadets’ abilities, which, on the whole, will seriously influence the process of professional formation of their personality.


Professional formation, self-cognition, self-development, reflection, reflexiveness,

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