The study of the properties of sweet cream butter with flavoring components

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The technology of sweet-sour dessert oil with maple syrup has been developed. It is of scientific interest to study its quality indices when stored. The organoleptic characteristics of the butter of the sweetener with flavor components were determined in the scores. The score of the ball was 20 points. The chemical parameters of sweet dessert oil with maple syrup are found: mass fraction of fat, not less than – 62%, mass fraction of dry substances, not less – 9,5%, mass fraction of moisture, not more than – 28,5%. The conformity of oil indicators with the norms specified in TP TS 033/2013 for cream butter with the components is established: mass fraction of fat – 50 to 69%, mass fraction of moisture – 16 to 45%. The thermostability of butter of sweet-dessert dessert oil with maple syrup has been determined – 0,7, i.e. the indicator is characterized as satisfactory. A good consistency of sweet dessert oil with maple syrup is found on the slice – the plate has a dense, even surface and edges, with slight pressure bending...


Sweet butter, taste ingredient, quality

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IDR: 140238635   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-3-220-223

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