Iron and steel artifacts from the Klochkovo 2 collection

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The paper reports on the collection of items made from ferrous metal discovered during excavations of Klochkovo 2 unfortified settlement. The site is located in the Ivanovo region and dates to the second half of the 10th-12th centuries. In order to provide comprehensive characteristics of the blacksmiths items, a number of research tasks were addressed such as quantitative and morphological analyses of the finds; laboratory study of the artifacts with the use of the method of archaeological metallography. The paper presents results used to describe characteristics of the collection containing black metal items from the Klochkovo 2 settlement from the point of view of categorial components, production technology and identifies specific features of workshops that supplied blacksmiths products to the local population.


Archaeology, medieval period, unfortified settlement, blacksmiths production

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IDR: 143171229

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