Techniques for iterative static analysis of a double-orifice electrohydraulic steering actuator of rocket stages

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The paper discusses the results of development and studies of iterative techniques of static analysis of double-orifice electrohydraulic steering actuator, namely, techniques for analyzing its static (force and velocity) characteristics taking into account parameters of local hydraulic resistances, allowing performing calculations at various supply voltages and temperatures to within a specified computational error and for a minimal amount of time. The proposed techniques are based on solving systems of non-linear algebraic and transcendental equations of math models of the steering actuator describing its static operational modes. Taken as a basis for development of techniques for static analysis of the steering actuator are methods of integrated simulation of physical properties of working fluids of steering actuators and hydraulic drives, iterative methods for calculating parameters of working fluids flow in connecting lines, channels, flow-through elements and valves, results of studies of operating processes for steering actuator constituent elements, as well as a modification of the Seidel method for solving a system of non-linear algebraic and transcendental equations. The paper provides the results of testing the developed static analysis iterative techniques of such steering actuator.


Static analysis, electrohydraulic steering actuator, non-linear algebraic and transcendent equations

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