Research of the possibilities of the national innovative environment for the implementation of financial technologies

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The article is devoted to the study of an important scientific and practical problem on the disclosure of factors and conditions that stimulate the introduction of innovations in the financial sector. It has been studied that the processes of introducing digital technologies are relevant in all spheres of the economy. The financial environment is highly receptive to digital adoption. The emphasis is made on the fact that the Bank of Russia as a mega-regulator is implementing a number of projects that stimulate the introduction of financial technologies in the country's banking sector. The main infrastructure projects of the Bank of Russia aimed at stimulating the development of fintech are considered. Among them: a unified biometric system, a system of fast payments, a marketplace of the Bank of Russia, a system for transmitting financial messages. The study revealed the weakness of the national regulatory system for the creation and implementation of digital technologies in the financial environment. The urgency of adapting the norms of financial law to the rapid spread of digital technologies has been substantiated. It has been proven that the acceleration of the pace of implementation of technological innovations not only opens up new opportunities for business improvement, but also carries obvious and hidden risks. Analysis of the research materials made it possible to structure the main potential threats that accompany the spread of digital technologies. It is concluded that it is necessary to develop systemic measures to create a favorable national innovation environment that stimulates financial innovation.


Innovation, innovation management, technological innovation, financial innovation

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IDR: 140257360   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-460-465

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