Investigation of the effect of preliminary treatment of cranberry berries with a multi-enzyme composition on the chemical composition of juice

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The article presents the investigation results of red whortleberry chemical composition juices, obtained with using of pre-enzymatic treatment of red whortleberries and without enzymatic preparations. It was found that the application of a composition pectinase and glucanase enzyme preparations РесtinехХХL, Rapidaza CR, Bryuzzaym BGX, LаminехВG2 can significantly increase the yield in juice of natural ingredients and functional food ingredients - organic acids, sugars, proteins (1.2-1.3 times), vitamin C (1.5-1.6 times), bioactive polyphenolic compounds (1.2-1.3 times), including flavones and flavonols (5.4-5.9 times), anthocyanins (1.2-1.3 times), proanthocyanidins (1.3-2.0 times), catechin (1.7 times). The most effective is composition on the base Rapidaza CR andLаminехВG2.The application of thiscomposition leads to increased juice output on 26%. The food value description of red whortleberry juice, obtained with using of the composition on the base Rapidaza CR andLаminехВG2, have been represented. The dates of some organic acids content such as fruit acids (citric acid, malic acid) and phenolic acid (benzoicacid) have been obtained. It was found that the extraction of citric and malic acids increases in 1.3 times and 2.1 times respectively and benzoicacid - in 1.4 times. Themineral composition of red whortleberry juice have been investigated. Potassium is a leaderin the yield of macro elements, it is noticed the high quality content of phosphorus and calcium and the presence of magnesium and sodium.Аluminium, manganese, silicon, iron, zinc, silver and chromium have been determined in the yield of micro elements of red whortleberry juice.It is shown that a preliminary enzymatic treatment of red whortleberry can improve the juice mineral composition.The dates illustrate the efficiency of enzyme composition application for preliminary treatment of red whortleberry as demonstrated by significant improvement of juice chemical composition by the additional extraction of healthy components, natural antioxidants, preservatives, food coloringthat increase juice food valueand hence technological characteristics.


Enzyme preparations, multi-enzyme composition, pretreatment, juice output, functional food ingredients, chemical composition of red whortleberry juice, red whortleberry

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IDR: 140229742   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-1-282-289

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