Investigation of the influence of the number of modules of a multicluster technological complex and the operations performed by them on the overall performance of the installation using simulation simulations

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Variety of compositions of multicluster tools determines the development of methods aimed at analysis and search of feasible compositions, which meet the requirements and optimal performance (throughput) criteria. Very often in the industry, there is a task to find optimum utilization of the cluster tool. To find a solution various approaches are used, such as input in the system several flows of the semifinished products, increasing overall number of the arms of the robot, etc. In this article cluster tool and throughput dependence on quantity of performed operations of the least loaded module are investigated. It is shown, that with the help of this approach one can easily simplify both finding the solution of the task to composite cluster tool with flows of two different types of wafers and determining schedule of the wafers for maximum and minimum throughput. Relevance of the article is stipulated by substantive and complex choices of both finding optimal composition of the cluster tool and scheduling semifinished products flows (in accordance with variations of the operations in modules) at both the design and exploitation stage.


Semiconductor manufacturing, multicluster tools, structural schemes of semi-finished product, semifinished products' schedule

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IDR: 140238552   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-119-124

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