Research on northeast China's participation in the joint development of China-Russia North Sea Route

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The "Silk Road on Ice" is a brand new route formed with the accelerated melting of Arctic ice, linking Asia, Europe and North America, having inestimable economic and commercial value. The "Silk Road on Ice" project built by China and Russia is a new achievement of the two countries in exploring regional cooperation and development, another major initiative to enhance the level of pragmatic cooperation between the two countries and deepen the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between China and Russia, which is an organic combination of China's "Belt and Road" initiative and China-Russia cooperation in the Arctic region. It is a major mutually beneficial cooperation strategy that organically combines and synergies the cooperation between China and Russia in the Arctic region, and will have an important impact on the transportation and trade patterns of China and Russia, the region and the world. Compared with the traditional international maritime transport routes, the "Silk Road on Ice" has a series of advantages, and the future development prospects are very broad. Key Words: Russia; Northern Sea Channel; Arctic Development; global cooperation


Russia, northern sea channel, arctic development, global cooperation

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IDR: 143177844   |   DOI: 10.38161/2618-9526-2021-3-40-44

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