Raw materials for the production of gluten-free products investigation

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The food allergy and allergen control are important for global health concerns. Latent allergens are a paramount problem in the specialized food products. Cross-contact and post-cleaning contamination are the main sources of these problems. According to the norms of the Technical Regulation Custom Union N 027/2012 and the Codex Stan 118-79 standard, the gluten content in food products should not exceed 20 mg / kg of the product. The purpose of this study was to analyze raw materials for the gluten-free food products manufacture to justify the HACCP system implementation. The samples of gluten-free flours were selected as research objects to assess the cleanliness of storage, transportation and production facilities in factories producing gluten-free products. In this study, we analyzed the samples of gluten-free flours to assess the cleanliness of storage conditions, transportation and industrial premises in gluten-free factories. The results showed that when using raw materials stored under improper conditions an increase in the gluten content in the final product is observed. We concluded that the gluten-free flours storage conditions in a room with gluten-containing raw materials are unacceptable, because the final product will have high gluten content. Thus, this product cannot be marketed as gluten-free. In addition, we analyzed the washes from the equipment after baking cookies from these flours. We found that in order to comply with regulations, it was necessary to conduct 3 consecutive washing


Gluten, elisa, gluten-free raw materiaks, hassp, allergen control

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IDR: 140261134   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-2-143-147

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