Investigation of the properties of the brominated phthalate-containing system and determination of its application areas

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The structure of a multicomponent system including phthalic acid esters has been studied using the methods of infrared spectroscopy and proton magnetic resonance. The obtained spectrograms are analyzed, indicating the presence of peaks corresponding to certain radicals present in the assumed structure of the main organic compounds of the multicomponent system. The presence of bromine atoms in the radicals of the molecules that make up the phthalate-containing system is established. The structure of the molecules of the basic component of the brominated system is shown. Spectral studies have confirmed the classical model of bromine addition at the site of double carbon-carbon bonds in the phthalate radical. It is established that the brominated multicomponent physico-chemical system is represented to a greater extent by esters of o-phthalic acid. The solubility parameter of the system under study is determined by the calculation method. The solubility parameter 35.3 (kJ/m3)0.5 was experimentally confirmed for a brominated phthalate-containing system. It is shown that the Small formula used to calculate the parameters of individual substances can be used to estimate the parameters of complex multicomponent systems. Polymer materials with the minimum values of deviations in the solubility parameter with the system under study, for which ~±1.5, are determined. It is established that the system under study can be used as an effective plasticizer of polybutyl acrylate, polyisoprene, polyvinyl chloride, and polyvinyl acetate.


Properties of phthalates, infrared spectroscopy, pmr spectroscopy, the compatibility of the polymers, plasticizer

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IDR: 140257336   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-290-296

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