Study of microwave device with toroidal resonators for the removal of hair cover from rabbit skin in a continuous mode

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In rabbit breeding farms, collecting hair from the skins of "White Giant" breed rabbits is an actual problem. Therefore, the technical task is to develop a device providing a weakening of the hair cover retention in the dermis of brine-moistened rabbit skins by the multiple exposure of the electromagnetic field of the ultrahigh frequency (EMFUHF) and pneumatic conveying of the fluff. The scientific idea involving the heat treatment of rabbit skin by repeated exposure to EMFUHF in toroidal perforated resonators in continuous mode was developed. A non-conventional approach to the design of resonator chambers of microwave devices with low-power magnetrons, providing for the repeated exposure of EMFUHF to raw materials to reduce its microbiological contamination was proposed. The prospective nature of the proposed technical solutions and methods for the impact of EMFUHF on rabbit skins in continuous mode, based on sound parameters of the electrodynamic system of microwave devices with toroidal resonators, having rational design and technological parameters and operating modes was proved. The developed ultrahigh-frequency device with the toroidal resonator provides for new results in achieving the continuity of the technological process of removing the hair cover from the rabbit skins during the brine spraying on the skins, high electric field strength and the resonator's own Q-factor, the uniformity of the raw material heating in the resonator; variations in the device capacity. The main components are a guide tube, a cable-washer conveyor, toroidal resonators and a pneumatic conveyor. Magnetrons were installed in the central parts of the resonators, and in the toroidal part, whose average perimeter is equal to a multiple of half the wavelength, there is a perforation. Proposals for the further improvement of microwave equipment for the removal of hair from rabbit skins in a continuous mode using the system of automated control and process control were submitted


Microwave generators, toroidal resonators, conveyor, skinning rabbits, brine

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IDR: 140229995   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-1-43-49

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